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Cemented carbide rotary burrs grinding speed choice

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Cemented carbide rotary burrs grinding speed choice

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High speed for effective and economical use of round file header is very important. High speed and to reduce file groove chip rally is helpful, at the same time also more help cutting corner part of the workpiece and reduce the cutting interference or slant wedge. But it will also increase the possibility of file handle fracture.

Carbide rotary file running speed should be on the surface from 1500 to 3000 feet per minute. By that standard, but there are many kinds of rotary burrs grinding machine can choose. For example: 30000 - RPM grinding machine can choose file of 3/16 "to 3/8" in diameter; 22000 - RPM grinding machine can choose file 1/4 "to 1/2" in diameter. But you have to in order to more effective operation, had better choose one of the most commonly used in diameter. In addition, the grinding environment and system maintenance is also very important. Assuming that a 22000 - RPM grinding machine failure occurs frequently, it may be because of too few revolutions. So we suggest that you should check the air pressure system of the grinding machine and the sealing device.

Reasonable speed to achieve the required degree of cutting and workpiece quality is indeed very important. Increase speed can improve the processing quality, prolong tool life, but may cause the file handle fracture; Reducing speed help quickly stripped substance, but it may cause the system overheating, cutting quality fluctuate. Each type of rotary file should be according to the specific operation to choose the appropriate speed.

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