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When using carbide rotary file need to pay attention to safety!

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When using carbide rotary file need to pay attention to safety!

Release date:2015-08-06 00:00 Source: Views:

Carbide rotary file of domestic industries in our country has a very wide application. Along with our country's reform and opening up, the domestic various got more fully the development of manufacturing industry, demand for cemented carbide rotary file is also more and more, carbide rotary burrs industry market prospect is immeasurable. However a variety of applications of carbide rotary file problem. Our company is engaged in the research production of carbide rotary file has years of history, experience in the manufacture of cemented carbide rotary burrs, adequate technical personnel. As small make up for you to introduce the need to pay attention to when using carbide rotary file which questions:

1, when used in pneumatic or electric tools above carbide rotary file, its speed can reach six thousand to forty thousand revolutions per minute, so we must clamping tool. To avoid safety accident caused by no clamping.

2, when using carbide rotary file, it is the cutting direction has a regulation, must move from right to left uniform, can't from the repeat operations, and can't overexert when moving.

3, because the cemented carbide rotary burrs in the assignments back to a fly crumbs, so using carbide rotary file operators need to wear qualified safety glasses. Avoid eyes hurt.

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