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Why use carbide rotary file?

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Why use carbide rotary file?

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1. The carbide rotary file has excellent performance, can processing and cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel and copper and so on a series of metal, also can carry on the processing to the marble and jade and so on some nonmetallic grinding.

2. The carbide rotary file can take the place of small wheel with handle all functions, and cemented carbide rotary burrs in the use of the process of no dust pollution, has the advantages of environmental protection.

3. The carbide rotary file work efficiency is very high. The machining efficiency of carbide rotary file is dozens of times the file by hand.

4. Carbide rotary file processing product quality is very high, has a very good finish. To all kinds of precision grinding tools for processing.

5. The service life of cemented carbide rotary burrs is very long, its hardness is very high.

6. Carbide rotary file to use is very simple, security is very high.

7. The cost of cemented carbide rotary burrs is very low, has the high cost performance.

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