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Chinas research and development of powder metallurgy for breakthrough Carbide tool will not need to rely on imports

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Chinas research and development of powder metallurgy for breakthrough Carbide tool will not need to rely on imports

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 Source: Views:

This afternoon, is located in xingsha MuYun industrial park of state science and technology, research and development of new materials of powder metallurgy China big break. National science and technology support program - "water solubility of nanometer cobalt tungsten carbide composite powder prepared by the key project equipment development and industrialization projects" by acceptance, this symbolized our country high-grade ultrafine silicon carbide tools rely on imports of the situation has been broken.

According to roof made of hunan science and technology co., LTD., general manager of generation Yu introduction, "nano cobalt tungsten carbide composite powder" is a high performance cemented carbide and superfine structure strengthening coating the surface of the key materials, especially suitable for high speed, high temperature, high pressure, heavy load and corrosion medium under the conditions of work. Mainly used in the manufacture of high toughness, high abrasion resistance cobalt cemented carbide cutting tools, PCB, precision grinding tool, microscopic cutting knife, scalpels, etc.

According to his introduction, at present, carbide rotary burrs carbide nanocrystals in domestic demand in 2000 tons, the high-performance PCB micro cobalt, automobile manufacturing, precision machining with ultrafine silicon carbide (grain size 0.4 microns) ≦ tool imports more than 90%. Restricted by technology and key equipment, the traditional method of the high cost of production, product quality is not easy to control, can not achieve scale production, severely restricted the raise the core competitiveness of China's cemented carbide industry.

"This is a technical problem in the field of nanometer material and its industrialization in our country major breakthrough, also marks the new materials of powder metallurgy in China are extremely important equipment manufacturing capacity onto a new stage, will break the high-grade ultrafine silicon carbide tool imports." He said.

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