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Domestic cemented carbide cutter market share is lower than the import tool

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Domestic cemented carbide cutter market share is lower than the import tool

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 Source: Views:

According to the cutting tool association statistics show that China has become the world's largest machine tool consumer, followed by Japan, the United States, Italy, etc. From the point of cutting tool production, production of carbide cutting tools in recent years continue to grow, showed a trend of decline the start of HSS cutting tools, carbide into exports were significantly increased, the main export object to Asia, followed by Europe, then in North America and other regions.
From the point of current usage, domestic cemented carbide indexable tool market share is lower than the imported cutting tools, investigate its reason, mainly include the following:
First, the product quality consciousness is not strong domestic producers lack the quality consciousness of some of the knives. China-made indexable insert material quality is poor, less varieties, the specification is not complete, the increase in the quality of the product is difficult to tools. Look from the appearance quality of the product, the import tool appearance, color and texture is superior to domestic tool. On product performance, compared with domestic knives, imported cutter machining high dimensional accuracy, good stability, high durability, high removal rate, tool and its accessories have good interchangeability, after the general assembly can meet precision requirement.
Second, imperfect pre-market after-sales service abroad many tool company has included for the user to choose knife, knife, timely replacement of supply,, as considerate service, and many domestic tool vendors do very not enough in this aspect, the service is simple and extensive.
Third, the mode of production of small workshops still accounts for a large proportion because of the economic and other reasons, some domestic tool factory still accounts for a large percentage of small workshops production mode, the processing personnel technical level is low, simple equipment, difficult to guarantee the quality of the product. Caused by tool cutting tool parts processing and assembly quality products of some quality common fault is still difficult to eliminate.
High speed machining alloy grinding head, is generally considered to increase production, reduce the manufacturing cost of processing technology. Dry processing or the concept of minimal quantities of lubricant is now processing industry to reduce the environmental protection and the main goal of the production cost. For cutting tool manufacturer and coating suppliers, the most important thing is productivity. Cutting performance, cutting speed, cutting quantity per unit time) increased by 20%, the manufacturing cost will be reduced by 15%. More and more strict processing requirements need further development, cutting tool material and coating to improve processing conditions and improve the tool design
Just now, the development of the situation, the cutting tool material into the cemented carbide represented the development of The Times. Compared with the high speed steel, cemented carbide has better performance and higher cutting efficiency, it with superhard materials, is the important guarantee to realize modern cutting technology and efficient processing. Enterprise want to rapid development, industry structure adjustment should be to accelerate the process of production base construction.

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