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Nc machine tool carbide cutting tools export tax rebates to 11%

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Nc machine tool carbide cutting tools export tax rebates to 11%

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 Source: Views:

Tool industry for many years has been encouraging cemented carbide cutting tools production, export tax rebates standard, shows that countries support is on the basis of based on expanding domestic demand, improve export competitiveness of enterprises, support enterprises to expand exports of a policy measures to promote the national fast yet steady economic development.
Because of the high speed steel cutter production cost a lot of resources, low, low price, and product industry does not encourage this. But due to the demand of domestic machinery manufacturing industry, as well as the domestic enterprise technology transformation, most of the cutting tool domestic enterprises still is given priority to with producing such tool, exports at the same time also is very big. Cutting tool in our country export $800 million last year, most of them are high speed steel material, cemented carbide cutting tools only tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, the export structure of this product, is a factor leading to the international trade friction. Although the United States, Germany and other developed countries tool has no obvious reaction to our country, but the some countries such as Spain and South America are boycott the event has occurred. Tools, therefore, the branch repeatedly called for reducing the export of high speed steel cutting tools, but the current industry situation did not change obviously.
Since this year the domestic economic situation changes, industry status also reversed, alloy grinding head domestic enterprises will face more intense competition. Due to its rapid and efficient tool market share only 10%, thus for domestic cutter enterprises, their greater competition from foreign counterparts, vic, kenner, mountain high mountains.
These foreign firms set up sales outlets in China, not only but also the direct investment in factories, the product directly aimed at the domestic high-end users to domestic enterprises caused great pressure. Since this year has been a drop in car production, the related mould industry product landslide situation, estimates that in 2013 the city will be conductive to the cutting tool industry.

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