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Chinas cemented carbide industry upgrading Domestic tungsten consumption

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Chinas cemented carbide industry upgrading Domestic tungsten consumption

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 Source: Views:

As the world economic recovery and the upgrade of industry in our country, manufacturing an increasing demand for cemented carbide products. Carbide because of high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, used in the manufacture of cutting tools, cutting tools, drilling tools and wear-resistant parts, widely used military-industrial complex, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields, along with the development of downstream industries, carbide increasing market demand. And the future of new and high technology weapons and equipment manufacturing, cutting-edge science and technology progress and the rapid development of nuclear energy, will improve the stability of high technology content and high quality of hard alloy products demand. High value-added, high performance, high quality tungsten carbide products will become the market main body.
At present, although China is the world's first production of cemented carbide power, but not power. In 2012, China's cemented carbide production accounts for more than 38% of world output, but the output is less than 20% of the world, output value industry as a whole is far lower than the yield ratio. Cemented carbide products in China is given priority to with low-standard hard alloy, high precision cutting tools, moulds, engineering machinery accessories high value-added proportion of hard alloy products is very low, our country high-end tool market size of more than 2 billion yuan, mainly by three giants abroad monopoly: kerner, iscar and sandvik. Rarely can produce companies in the country, already can't satisfy the domestic manufacturing industry growing demand for carbide cutting tools.
China's enterprises have also through a variety of ways, develop high-grade carbide products, improve product added value. A wholly owned subsidiary in June this year, China tungsten and hightech zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD and sandvik company in Beijing signed the letter of intent for project cooperation, through the establishment of a joint venture company, cooperation in the field of cutting tools. Through this cooperation, China tungsten and hightech high-end cutting tools market. Compared with traditional products, high-end knives high value-added products. Working with sandvik is expected to bring company technology once again to promote (the last time the lift is also based on cooperation and sandvik), open the high-end tool of sales market in our country, upgrade products and high-end strategy for the company an important step.
Xiamen tungsten industry began as early as 2011 tungsten downstream processing project success step by step. At present, the company's overall cutting tools and CNC blade earnings upgrades come mainly from the release of production capacity of jiujiang carbide cutting tools project. As jiujiang projects gradually reaches producing and luoyang carbide cutting tools in 2015 and put into production, deep processing of cemented carbide project is expected to further enhance the value of the company.
In order to promote the upgrading of China's cemented carbide industry, improve product added value, "several times in recent years the export tax rebate policy adjustment, carbide cutting tools and other products of export tax rebates to raise from 5% to 5%, for the enterprise, is the nation's support and the confidence of the enterprise itself, enterprise in the future will be in cutting tool stronger competitiveness in international market. This will be cemented carbide products of our country's export play a great role in promoting.
According to the relevant institutions according to the study, tungsten carbide downstream consumption area accounted for more than 50%. So, growing and upgrading of China's cemented carbide industry, will greatly boost the domestic market of tungsten consumption. Tungsten belongs to the scarce resources, as well as important strategic materials, important strategic metals listed by the countries all over the world, its worth the long-term investment value.

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