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Props props of geometry Angle influence machine tool service life

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Props props of geometry Angle influence machine tool service life

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Graphite to choose the appropriate geometry Angle of tools, machine tool helps to reduce the vibration of the cutting tool, in turn, graphite artifacts is not easy to collapse lack; (1) the rake Angle, when the graphite are processed using the negative rake Angle, cutting tool edge strength, impact resistance and friction performance is good, with the decrease of the absolute value of negative rake Angle, the blade wear area changed little, but overall showed a trend of decrease, with positive rake Angle processing, along with the rising of the rake Angle, cutting tool edge strength is weakened, cause after the blade surface wear. Negative rake Angle processing, cutting resistance, increase the cutting vibration, using dazheng rake Angle processing, tool wear, cutting vibration is bigger also. (2) after the Angle, if after the increase of Angle, the decrease of strength of the cutter blade, knife after wear surface area is increased gradually. After cutting tool Angle is too large, cutting vibration is strengthened. (3) spiral Angle, spiral Angle is small, the same cutting edges and cut into the graphite artifacts the blade length of the longest and biggest cutting resistance, the cutting tool on cutting force, the largest and thus tool wear, the milling force and the cutting vibration is one of the biggest. When spiral Angle to larger, milling force in the direction of the deviation degree on the surface of the workpiece, cutting impact of graphite material due to its broken intensified, and thus tool wear, the milling force and the cutting vibration is increased. Therefore, tool Angle change on the tool wear, the milling force and the influence of cutting vibration is a former Angle, the Angle and the spiral Angle of comprehensive, so must be more careful in the choice. Based on the specific processing property of graphite materials to do a lot of scientific tests, para tool to optimize the tool geometric angles, so as to make the cutting tool's overall performance is greatly increased. 5, cutting tool machining conditions Select the appropriate processing conditions for the life of the cutter has a considerable impact. (1) to choose the appropriate high rotational speed and the corresponding feed. Review on above points, the tool material, geometrical Angle, coating, the strengthening of the blade and machining conditions, plays a different role in the service life of the cutter, be short of one cannot, complementary to each other. A good graphite knives, should have fluent graphite powder chip groove, long service life, can deep engraving machining, can save cost. (2) the air (or vacuum) and dipping edm fluid processing, clear in time the workpiece on the surface of the graphite dust, to reduce the cutter wear, prolong the service life of cutting tool, reducing graphite dust impact on machine screw and guide rail.

Alloy grinding head code of concrete structure in the handle 1 after the pull rod 4 suit on equally spaced coding ring 2, by 3 with lock nut. Coding ring can be either as a whole, can be assembled by cirque, coding ring diameter has two kinds of size, large diameter as a binary "1", small diameter for "." . Through these two kinds of different arrangement of circular ring, you can get a series of code. For example consists of six size of the diameter of the circle can be difference between 63 (261 = 63) kind of cutting tools. Usually for all. The code is not allowed to use, in order to avoid confused with the condition of the cutter holder without cutting tool. Memory and recognition of machine tools to facilitate the operators, also can use two octal code. THK6370 automatic tool change CNC boring and milling machine tool encoding used two octal, six encoding two ring quite octal.

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