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High-end carbide cutting tools in China market potential is infinite

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High-end carbide cutting tools in China market potential is infinite

Release date:2015-06-26 00:00 Source: Views:

With the prosperity of our country market economy development, our country has become the most potential market in the global cutting tools, high-end tool especially in tungsten steel cutting tools demand potential is "unlimited". Compared with the international tool market, after the Chinese cutting tool market after the economic crisis rapidly up development, but the competitiveness of the market needs to be improved in high-end tools.

Domestic tool by two-thirds of has dominated Chinese cutting tool market share. Dominated by carbide cutting tools and high-end tungsten steel cutter market demand has a large number of imports. Especially the development of modern automobile aerospace and other high-tech industries, the demand for high-end tungsten steel cutting tools. Tungsten resources in China, the world's largest country, cemented carbide production has been leading in the world, but it is given priority to with traditional extensive mode. Export tungsten resource materials, imported high-end tungsten steel cutting tool, this is the one big drawback of high-end cutting tools in China market.

Of course, the advantage in months! High-end cutting tools in China market rely on the advantage such as climate, geographical and human conditions, full introduction and use of the international high-end tool manufacturing technology level and technical, to high-end market demand as the guidance, by means of advanced equipment technology, improve the market share of domestic high-end tungsten steel cutting tools.

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