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The generality of carbide cutting tools will become strong

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The generality of carbide cutting tools will become strong

Release date:2015-06-26 00:00 Source: Views:

Material is the material base on which human development, is one of the main performance of social progress. Cemented carbide by refractory metal hard phase and binder on phase of a composite material made of powder metallurgy process, with its excellent performance is widely used in modern manufacturing, known as "industrial teeth", originated in the 19th century 20 s.


With the progress of economic globalization and science and technology, the use of alloy grinding head products demand is higher and higher. Cemented carbide industry technology development is very rapid, especially carbide insert carbide tools.


Latest carbide machine clamp hole processing tool, the grain size of hard phase were 0.2 + 0.5 + 0.8 u m high hybrid matrix of cobalt (13%) of the ultrafine grain size, the strength and hardness of the tool base material has a larger increase, with close to the integrated intensity of drill machine clip blade geometry structure and the way of clamping and original drilling design and performance of titanium nitride and nitrogen aluminized physical coating on the titanium nanometer reflects the excellent cutting performance.


Adopted the ultrafine grain gradient cemented carbide substrates, titanium carbide with nitrogen medium temperature chemical coating and fine crystal column a - Al2O3 chemical coating on the surface is adopted to eliminate the surface stress of post-processing technology, through shot peening treatment to remove the tensile stress in the rake face of CVD coating surface, the tensile stress in the exposed surface of Al2O3 fell by 40%, a 20% drop in the inner coating stress, significantly improve the blade blade performance micro crack and spalling resistance, in improving the reliability of the blade integrity and also improve the surface of the coating, reduce the blade between the chip and cohesiveness.


Adding a small amount of elements in cemented carbide hard phase and strengthening material binding phase, purify grain boundary and significantly increase the flexural strength and impact toughness of the material. Ultrafine grain cemented carbide coating and nano structure become a mainstream trend. At present, carbide cutting tools technology is developing in the direction of the two opposite, on the one hand, general-purpose materials is more and more wide, more and more strong commonality. Special material, on the other hand, more and more targeted, more adaptable to processed materials and cutting condition, so as to achieve the aim of improving the efficiency of cutting.

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