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Introduction to numerical control cutting tools

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Introduction to numerical control cutting tools

Release date:2015-06-26 00:00 Source: Views:

Carbide cutting tools market growth compete for the competitive world of China and the United States general machinery, automobile, aerospace, energy, medical, rail transportation, such as mold machine tool industry is inseparable from the cutting tool and equipment. From the developing trend of the future, global cutting tools market annual growth of 3% - 3% is expected in the next five years, according to the growth, we are still the number of the world. From the perspective of the supply of domestic knives, domestic tool to occupy the mainstream position, is up to 65%.


Carbide rotary file is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, after years of development, China's numerical control cutting tool industry gradually mature. Machine tool for sustainable development in our country, must change the development mode, improve the level of manufacturing, to the level of heavy, high value-added, green manufacturing.


Carbide nc cutter is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, after years of development, China's numerical control cutting tool industry gradually mature, variety and complete specifications, not only meet the demand of the die and mould industry market greatly. Because of the sluggish economy, many business owners are trying to save the cost, improve the productivity. CNC cutting tool type, specification is various, huge, more common in the market have milling cutter, boring cutter, reamer, drill, lathe tools, and broach, etc. They are widely used in high hardness, high strength, machining industry, such as fine machining technology, automotive, energy, automobile, motorcycle industry, electronic information technology industry, etc.


Economy environment, carbide nc tool industry in China are somewhat, but companies demand remains stable. But a growing number of companies puts forward more strict requirements on the precision of the numerical control cutting tools. Customers choose and buy, in fact, cutting tools, in addition to value whether can complete the processing quality, more weight is given to how to reduce cost and achieve higher product profit. Cutting tool enterprise service consciousness from the cutting tool itself to the whole value chain of the workpiece, as far as possible to reduce the production cost of customer. For customers to choose and buy when CNC cutting tools are concerned about the quality first, then the price, so the numerical control cutting tool industry to do better in generality, stability and accuracy.


Facing China's tool industry reshuffle and rapid development opportunities, extrusion tool enterprises by marched in the domestic market and abroad domestic enterprise market space the challenge of domestic carbide nc cutter enterprises should be how to face the opportunities and challenges? From traditional standard cutting tools to the process of the development of modern, efficient cutting tool, cutting tool manufacturing enterprises is undergoing a thoroughly remould oneself and the uncertainty of painful and difficult process of change, the process of the change is also a level of tool production enterprises. No matter from the cutting tool industry in China's own living space, or from the global need to see our country entire manufacturing competitiveness, enterprises to accelerate structural adjustment, promote the development of modern, efficient cutting tool are imperative.

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