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The development of cemented carbide

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The development of cemented carbide

Release date:2015-06-26 00:00 Source: Views:

Carbide cutting tools is "teeth" of the machine tool industry. A machine tool with a dozen or even more types of cutting tools. Popular main products are imported from the market now, our country produces carbide tool bit less, and both yield and quality, cannot rival with import market. Cemented carbide industry is a high-tech industry, research carbide only more than ten years in our country, the industry foundation is weak, personnel and research and development of science and technology infrastructure is poor.

China is the country with the largest export of rare earth. Alloy grinding head production process, the need to use a large number of rare earth materials, but at present our country's technical level is far less advanced technology abroad. Can only be exported to foreign countries, the raw material and then foreign made of carbide and buy back. If not independent research and development and manufacturing in our country, then we will be forever "hijacked" alloy industry.

Our country has entered the stage of manufacturing industry to upgrade, the country's 12th five-year plan will be high-end equipment manufacturing and information industry into the pillar industry of national economy, which will greatly promote the carbide blade, cutting tool market demand, the cemented carbide industry foreground is very good.

"Twelfth five-year" plan in promoting product demand, production capacity expansion and industrial base construction and so on, are clearly support the development of cemented carbide, tungsten carbide industry looks promising types and production "twelfth five-year" period will have larger ascension, will effectively help carbide demand growth.

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