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Carbide cutting tools in China and mid-range products to accelerate the industry diversification

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Carbide cutting tools in China and mid-range products to accelerate the industry diversification

Release date:2015-06-26 00:00 Source: Views:

Carbide cutting tools in China market is one of the few, can really be called "globalization" of the market. Don't say a minor celebrity in the industry, has a certain scale of the cutting tool companies have all set up offices or looking for the agent in China to sell, even only twenty or thirty employees of German small companies also sell its cutting tools in China, the market can be seen everywhere from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries tool products. "Carbide cutting tools in China market, industry concentration is not high, this mainly comes from alloy grinding head the threshold of the industry itself is not high, many small businesses start set up several lathe production, good times and in the whole industry, low-end market products were in short supply, also accelerated the diversification of industry objectively."


According to introducing, industry this year, the situation has changed, a lot of mid-range enterprises started to become difficult. But overall, the cutting tool is expendable, even if there is no new machine production line needs a new cutting tool, the old machine also need cutting tool products, this year the biggest characteristic is in large consumption of inventory.


Alloy grinding head industry continued rapid growth in China, in the back of a rapid development, the enterprise also realize soberly, domestic tool industry high growth rates in the gold content is not high, a significant proportion of those companies at the expense of the environment, on the basis of cheap labor, produce inferior product to obtain huge profits.


In recent years, the various areas of high-end manufacturing technology development of our country brings new requirement to tools. If the auto tool must has the characteristics of high efficiency, high stability and specialty, and with the continuous development of auto industry, the new requirement arises at the historic moment, from a technical point of view, there are mainly ChongZaiHua, points out, the trend of specialization, standardization, high speed, and species diversity. In the field of aerospace manufacturing, difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloy, high temperature alloys are widely used, how to choose correctly, reasonable use high-quality cutting tool efficiently has become an important topic of industry.

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