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The development trend of carbide cutting tools: improve product precision

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The development trend of carbide cutting tools: improve product precision

Release date:2015-05-14 00:00 Source: Views:

In the manufacture of metal machinery, machining is the most basic and reliable means of precision machining, in mechanical, electrical, electronic and other modern plays an important role in the industrial sector. Machining technology, the latest history is the history of development of tool materials. New cutting tool material machining yield rate can be greatly improvement, progress, machining precision and surface quality and expanding areas of processing, reducing the consumption of cutting tool, obtain enormous economic benefits. New cutting tool material for development of machinery manufacturing plays an enormous role. Therefore, the development, promotion and use of new materials is the mechanical manufacturing one of the important content of new technology revolution.

Alloy grinding head is an emerging tool material, because of its high hardness, abrasion resistance and compressive strength, the chemical is not random, outstanding functions, such as the bonding resistance and heat resistance of tool cutting efficiency 5-10 times the HSS cutting tools, and can be machining high speed steel cutter can't high hardness material, so according to have a large proportion in the cutting tool materials.

Today, the world's main trend of the cemented carbide industry development: one is in order to meet the needs of the development of modern science and technology, the development towards the direction of the motors, in seventy s, in the modern mechanical processing, the cutting tools with carbide cutting blade dimensional accuracy requirements of remarkable progress, therefore, produce cemented carbide factory continues to advance its precision products. For example in some developed countries have eliminated U carbide precision grade. Lot of cemented carbide mold size accuracy has reached the micron grade, and even some has reached the submicron level meters. Second, in order to adapt to the requirement of precision products products, keep improving production technology and equipment. 60 s introduction of cemented carbide production in the field of hot isostatic pressing technology, and transplanted in the seventy s to the spray drying technology in the field of cemented carbide production, makes carbide production technology a big step forward, in recent years, the low pressure hot isostatic pressing burn clean equipment and technology, make the carbide product density is close to the theoretical value, can reach 99.999%, significantly improved the quality of the products. Three is to improve machining efficiency and to meet the requirements of new type of automatic machine tools and developed some new type of cemented carbide, such as ultra fine cemented carbides, gradient cemented carbide, bipolar carbide, carbide, self-lubricating nano-sized carbide, hard layer coating hard alloy, etc. Meanwhile carbide produced positive depth processing tools necessary development.

Hard alloy consumption in our country are free after development of emerging industry, but to develop rapidly, especially after reform open, appears the increase trend. At present, the production of cemented carbide in our country has been high in the world, the product brand, model also match completely, and has a number of product quality has reached the international advanced level, has been a steady rise in output value and profit tax.

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