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Domestic enterprises have established local carbide cutting tools life

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Domestic enterprises have established local carbide cutting tools life

Release date:2014-08-14 00:00 Source: Views:

Although domestic alloy of nc tool grinding head industry started relatively late, but after years of discipline and hard work, there are local cutting tool industry enterprises have established the foundation. The enterprise pays attention to technology research and development and production quality, product features, is gradually replace export products, up to now has gradually become the representative of the elite in today's China tool industry.


At present domestic enterprises are numerous tool, if from the regional distribution of down to see, these enterprises are absolute position of the relatively concentrated. South China region represented by zhuzhou diamond and xiamen gesac measures are useful, and in dongguan a large number of small tools of enterprise, for the pearl river delta regional manufacturing force Chinese; East China region with established firms work led, Arnold, jiaxing heng feng, ningbo three Korea a number of emerging enterprises carry out quickly in recent years, in addition to constitute the changzhou xixia luxury villas, danyang and zhejiang possessing the cutting tool industry group; Secondary concentrated in the southern region of the cutting tool enterprise, the old industrial bases in the southwest to the quantity, ha a worker, and in mudanjiang tools, such as a number of private enterprises; Southeast region secondary concentrated in shaanxi, minor enterprises have the han tool, shan hard cutting tool and qinghai RenLiangJu, etc.; Northeast region centered around chengdu into a volume, industry research, zigong cemented carbide and emerging as sen tai eng, chengdu thousands of wood, and many other enterprises, in addition to the northeast of guizhou tools to develop and good momentum; Analogy, the central area of the cutting tool enterprise compare little, taiyuan diamond tools, zhengzhou is a typical enterprise.


And from the point of enterprise nature, both in these enterprises such as the four major tool factory established businesses, there are also emerging privately owned or joint venture. Both enterprise scale and product characteristic, the two types of enterprises are also basically represents the level of the domestic tool enterprises.

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